Applied Thermodynamics and Science Guide
Set of annotated links to online courses, assignments, course descriptions, tutorials and other materials used in the teaching of mechanical engineering.
Links to numerous annotated and evaluated online resources relevant to heat and thermodynamics.
Also shows practical implications of the second law in everyday life, and information on entropy, gas mixing and endothermic processes. A guide to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, written in question and answer style, and suitable for non-scientists.
Resource aimed at aimed at science students, about the fundamental principles of scientific knowledge, and those branches of science that have their basis in the principles of physics and chemistry. Covers measurement, kinematics and graphing, dynamics, w
An international project to study the interior structure and dynamics of the Sun. The SOI program was responsible for design and operation of the Michelson Doppler Imager (MDI) instrument on board the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft l
Online general physics book, electricity, atomic physics, nuclear physics, thermodynamics, wave physics, symbols , fluids, magnetism, with chapters on mechanics and abbreviations and biophysical chronology.
Collection of historical papers arranged alphabetically and by subject group, periodic table and periodic law, including environmental chemistry, gases, radioactivity and the nucleus and periodic law, radioactivity and the nucleus, and thermodynamics.
Covers all fields of scientific inquiry in which mass spectrometry can play a role, including chemistry, physics, geology, and environmental science as well as the biological, health, and life sciences. Fundamental subjects include instrumental principles
Information about the applications of entropy in a range of disciplines including the physical sciences, information and coding theory, economics, biology, the humanities, and social sciences. Articles, citations, and links to relevant resources are provi
Collection of slides explaining macroscopic thermodynamic properties in terms of microscopic properties of chemical systems. Provides information on the Boltzmann distribution function, polymers and biopolymers in statistical dynamics, and the relation of
A set of interactive physics tools and games designed to integrate research and education, thermodynamics, astrophysics, energy, and to promote understanding of mechanics and environment.
Data table presenting the final results of a project to establish internationally agreed values for the thermodynamic properties of key chemical substances. Use of these recommended, internally consistent values is encouraged in the analysis of thermodyna
Includes virtual lectures, examples and questions. A list of sources is also provided. This tutorial introduces students to the basics of thermal ignition and explains two theories used to describe it; Semenov and Frank-Kamenetskii.
Number of reviews is 13 - Spectroscopy Systems