Basic Geometry Help and Science Guide
A distributed index that provides organised access to numerous sites and and individual pages available for mathematics education, including software, discussion lists and other educational resources.
Precalculus lessons, exponents and logarithms, covering linear and quadratic functions, polynomial functions, analytic geometry and logarithms, analytic geometry, trigonometry, sequences, derivatives and slopes.
Journal founded in 1971 which publishes research articles in the areas of algebra, algebraic geometry and related fields, geometry
GEOLAB (Geometry Laboratory) was created to develop the tools, techniques, and expertise necessary to streamline the grid generation process. The capabilities of GEOLAB include advanced CAD and mathematical software to generate high-fidelity surface defin
Also provides access to topology forums discussing the latest research and developments. Links to numerous topology related Web resources including online journals and articles covering geometric and algebraic topology.
A fully refereed international journal dealing with all aspects of geometry and topology and their applications.
A set of interactive guides and programs relevant to geometry, and Projective Conics, including the Orbifold Pinball, which explores the effects of negatively curved space and Projective Conics, which discusses Pascal's theorem in terms of projective geometry.
Includes Cayley's Sextic, Durer's Shell Curves, Folium of Descartes, and Newton's Parabolas. Listing of over 60 mathematical curves, providing historical information and some associated curves.
Mathematics resources covering a range of topics including algebra, geometry, fractals, numerical analysis, statistics and trigonometry. Materials include bibliographies, images, photographs, problems, proofs, theories, conference proceedings and teaching
Describes the development of a sketcher-based user interface for representing vaguely defined geometric concepts at multiple levels of detail, for use in computer based design.
A proposed solution for the Kepler Conjecture - a geometry problem defined in 1611 - together with proofs, references, supporting lectures and theses, opinions and details of related software.
Mathematics preprint archive, formerly held at Duke University, now part of XXX archive. Subject categories are algebraic geometry, combinatorial groups, combinatorics, complex variables, differential geometry, functional analysis, geometric topology and
Bi-monthly journal on all areas in which theoretical physics and mathematics interact with each other, such as atomic physics, quantum gravity, statistical mechanics, algebraic geometry and quantum groups. Aimed at theoretical and mathematical physicists
The list included general preprint collections and collections in specific subject areas located at various universities around the world. A list of web sites providing electronic mathematics preprints and abstracts.
A mathematics research and education centre at the University of Minnesota, formulae) and software (source, offering a selection of online documents (hypertext papers, preprints) reference archives (graphic images, binaries and software (source, binaries, documentation).
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