Complex System Management and Science Guide
A bi-monthly, genetic algorithms, neural networks, including chaos, cellular automata, cross-disciplinary journal focusing on the science of complex adaptive systems and evolutionary game theory.
Index of Internet resources on cybernetics and systems theory, along with a bibliography.
The list included general preprint collections and collections in specific subject areas located at various universities around the world. A list of web sites providing electronic mathematics preprints and abstracts.
Links to societies concerned with cybernetics and systems theory.
Extensive index to resources concerning the nature and consequences of interactions and non-linearities in systems of many objects. It includes topics such as artificial life, cellular automata, chaos, criticality, evolutionary computation, fractals, para
A refereed journal dealing with any area of complex systems research and the generation of complex behaviour from the interaction of multiple parallel processes.
A collection of hundreds of articles about complex systems, intended to form a distributed self-organising refereed Web based journal. Major headings include Representations of Spatio-Temporal Structure and Dynamics; Phenomena and Themes; Physical and Che
Journal which presents research at the interface between mathematics and theoretical computer science, with a clear mathematical profile and strictly mathematical format. Specific areas of concentration include structure of complexity classes, algebraic c
Number of reviews is 8 - Algorithmic Combinatorics