Fusion Energy and Plasma Physics and Science Guide

A compilation of mathematical and scientific formulae, including physical parameters pertinent to a variety of plasma regimes, ranging from laboratory devices to astrophysical objects. Contents include information on vector identities, physical constants,
Information for researchers interested in the use of alpha-dominated plasmas in the design of magnetic fusion systems. Downloadable articles contain the background to the experiments, reviews of US fusion policy, and reports on physics and engineering des
Each COHOWeb data record holds spacecraft position, magnetic field, and plasma data for one spacecraft and one hour. COHOWeb provides access to hourly resolution magnetic field and plasma data from each of several heliospheric spacecraft.
Provides research information and results, details of collaboration with institutes worldwide, and project outlines. An organisation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Information about plasma science and technology, forums, societies, newsgroups, including links to plasma information resources and journals.
Information about research into plasma behaviour and its possible applications, focusing on creating a scientific and engineering base for the development of fusion power. Includes sections on the basic physics of plasma, advanced millimetre wave sources,
It conducts and sponsors ground-based scientific and technology studies that may lead to experiments in space. The fo NASA division responsible for planning, advocating, directing, and implementing space experiments in technology and microgravity science.
Tables of contents and the full text of featured articles are freely available to all. The electronic journals offer full t Set of peer reviewed journals in the broad area of physics, with full text access available to members of subscribing institutions.
Journal covering all aspects if modern physics, high energy, including astronomy and astrophysics, condensed matter physics, particles and fields physics and fields physics, mathematical physics, nuclear physics, plasma physics and quantum optics.
PPPL is a single-purpose fusion laboratory funded by the United States Department of Energy. For four decades PPPL has been a world leader in research and development of magnetic fusion energy as a safe, economical and environmentally acceptable method of
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