Geomorphology Images and Science Guide
It provides organised links to other hypertext documents that form the successive pages of the book. Text in Polish and English. Table of contents to a non-existent geomorphology text book.
Association that represents the primary international focus for research in volcanology, such as igneous geochemistry and petrology, efforts to mitigate volcanic disasters, and research into related disciplines, geochronology and petrology, geochronology, volcanogenic mineral deposit
Professional organisation for geomorphologists in the British Isles.
A guide to mountains, rocks and minerals in Switzerland.
Collection of text and photographs describing phenomena found within four different types of cave; sea caves, erosional caves, lava tube caves and solution caves which are dissolved from limestone by acidic water.
Case studies of real world slopes are also given. Set of articles dealing with the principles of slope design, including stability analysis, instability related to groundwater conditions and ground types, and corrective measures for failing slopes.
Includes annotated citations related to the fields of aeolian, applied, coastal, fluvial, glacial, hillslope, karst, periglacial, permafrost and offshore geomorphology. A searchable database of geomorphology resources in Canada.
A scientific-professional and not-for-profit society founded in 1991 and dedicated to the advancement of the science of geomorphology as well as representative Polish geomorphologists.
It aims to use true multimedia data types in the presentation of a paper, such as animations, sound, video, active computer models, etc. GGG is a purely electronic journal, with no paper edition.
Tables of contents available. Research and theory in geophysics, geochemistry, sedimentology, geomorphology, petrology, plate tectonics, volcanology, structural geology, mineralogy, and planetary sciences.
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