Particle Physics Education and Science Guide
Main topic of research is the study of the properties, behaviour and interaction of elementary particles and fundamental structures of space, time and matter. Collection of physics research papers.
An index of experiments and related subjects concerning neutrino mass and oscillations.
National centre which plays a leading role in the investigation of the central scientific problem of dark matter while developing a new model of scientific research more attuned to the multi-disciplinary nature of the environment.
Annotated directory of catalogues, directories, databases and other electronic resources of value to the particle physics community.
Topics covered include the mathematics of string theory, particle experimentation, cosmology, and black holes. Also provides a timeline of mathematics and t Presents a guide to string theory, a branch of theoretical physics concerned with quantum gravity.
Provides access to mailing lists, experimental, databases, and home pages relevant to computational
Introductory information on quantum physics, covering the nature of particles and waves and their similarities and differences in the field of modern physics.
Scientists from across the US and around the world use Fermilab's resources in experiments to explore the most fundamental particles and forces of nature. High-energy physics laboratory, home of the world's most powerful accelerator, the Tevatron.
Collection of slides explaining macroscopic thermodynamic properties in terms of microscopic properties of chemical systems. Provides information on the Boltzmann distribution function, polymers and biopolymers in statistical dynamics, and the relation of
The service interfaces to the established public domain preprint servers, providing independent listings and access to them. An electronic information service covering the fields of experimental and theoretical particle physics (including cosmology).
Tables of contents and the full text of featured articles are freely available to all. The electronic journals offer full t Set of peer reviewed journals in the broad area of physics, with full text access available to members of subscribing institutions.
PDG is an international collaboration that reviews particle physics and related areas of astrophysics, and compiles or analyses data on particle properties.
Available in various formats including PDF. Paper discussing dark matter on galactic, cluster and large scales, and the interpretation of big bang nucleosynthesis for dark matter.
Hypertextbook covering the physics and mathematics behind Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Includes chapters on spin physics, spectroscopy and pulse sequences, and provides explanatory graphics which can be viewed alongside the text, a glossary and a lis
PPARC supports UK research into the fundamental nature of the Universe, planetary and solar research including space physics and astronomy, theoretical and experimental research into elementary particles and the fundamental forces of nature
Outline of the kinetic theory for a system of non-relativistic charged particles, which discusses Debye screening and the Vlasov equation.
Review articles and physics tutorials in an encyclopaedic format.
The entries are indexed by author, nuclide, reaction, particle and subject. A bibliography of citations and keyword abstracts for publications in low and intermediate energy nuclear physics research from 1910 to the present.
Article introducing the Standard Model, the Next Linear Collider, supersymmetry and conservation laws.
Number of reviews is 19 - Number Theory Studies