Physics of Stellar Phenomena and Science Guide
Meta index for information sources about astrophysics, research, including news and societies.
Explanations of astrophysics terms, some illustrated with animated images.
An international project to study the interior structure and dynamics of the Sun. The SOI program was responsible for design and operation of the Michelson Doppler Imager (MDI) instrument on board the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft l
Research at IAP embraces a wide range of topics from particle physics to cosmology. Recent prepublications of IAP researchers are available online. Information is in English The IAP is a laboratory of the National Science Research Centre in France (CNRS).
NASA funded project whose main resource is three sets of abstracts: 1) astronomy and astrophysics, containing 460, containing 240, 000 abstracts; 2) instrumentation, 000 abstracts; and 3) physics and geophysics and 3) physics and geophysics, containing 220,000 abstracts.
Astrophysics preprints dating back to 1992, with details of new papers received and the current month's listings.
PPARC supports UK research into the fundamental nature of the Universe, planetary and solar research including space physics and astronomy, theoretical and experimental research into elementary particles and the fundamental forces of nature
Explanation of the evidence for dark matter as inferred indirectly from the motions of astronomical objects.
Available in various formats including PDF. Paper discussing dark matter on galactic, cluster and large scales, and the interpretation of big bang nucleosynthesis for dark matter.
An introduction to helioseismology, which is the study of wave oscillations in the Sun and of the physical processes involved, in the same way that seismologists learn about the Earth's interior by monitoring waves caused by earthquakes. Temperature, comp
Links to resources about astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics and exobiology.
National centre which plays a leading role in the investigation of the central scientific problem of dark matter while developing a new model of scientific research more attuned to the multi-disciplinary nature of the environment.
Headings include observing resources, organisations, research areas, and astronomical imagery. Links to astronomy and astrophysics resources on the Internet.
Includes information on supernovas, black holes, X-ray binaries and the research programme.
A searchable collection of resources in the field of astrobiology including cosmochemistry, planetary biology and chemistry, chemical evolution, the origin and evolution of life, formation of stars and planets (space science) and chemistry, formation of stars and planets (space science), and expansion of terrestrial
Provides research information and results, details of collaboration with institutes worldwide, and project outlines. An organisation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Offers a collection of links to astronomy and astrophysics resources on the Internet. Categories available include survey projects, information systems, preprint and bibliographical services, conferences and meetings, departments, space agencies, and spec
A set of interactive physics tools and games designed to integrate research and education, thermodynamics, astrophysics, energy, and to promote understanding of mechanics and environment.
Papers covering high-energy physics, quantum cosmology, computational , general relativity, nuclear theory, astrophysics and lattice physics.
Journal covering all aspects if modern physics, high energy, including astronomy and astrophysics, condensed matter physics, particles and fields physics and fields physics, mathematical physics, nuclear physics, plasma physics and quantum optics.
Number of reviews is 20 - Journal of Applied Psychology