Policies in Science and Science Guide

Committee formed by 13 UK learned societies to represent molecular, cell, and physiological life sciences to the Government. The Committee co-ordinates the activities of its member societies in areas such as science policy and funding, career development,
Abstracts are available upon free registration, and full text articles upon subscription. Access to tables of contents of over 500 articles and papers concerned with science and policy.
US national institute, fostering science and engineering research and education.
An independent, industry and international agencies, multi-disciplinary research Unit concerned with the challenges that confront decision makers in government and with the public debate that surrounds these challenges.
Also funds research and postgraduate training in universities and other organisations. EPSRC is responsible for promoting and supporting basic, strategic, and applied research in engineering and physical science in the UK.
Information mainly in French. French national institute offering scientific periodicals, reports, conference proceedings, dissertations, and the PASCAL and FRANCIS databases.
Includes science careers, jobs, policy and resource reviews. An electronic network for the next generation of scientists.
Aims to provide impartial and authoritative analysis and information to decision makers concerned with the economic, political and social implications of science and technology. PREST undertakes research and advisory work on various aspects of science and
Society founded in 1660 as an independent academy promoting the natural and applied sciences. It provides independent, authoritative advice to the Government on science and engineering related matters, promotes science education and awareness, supports in
Number of reviews is 10 - Museums of Science