Quantum Physics Online and Science Guide

Collection of articles on topics including Special Relativistic Paradoxes and Puzzles, Does Antimatter Fall Up or Down?, The EPR Paradox and Bell's Inequality Principle and What is the Mass of a Photon?
Papers covering high-energy physics, quantum cosmology, computational , general relativity, nuclear theory, astrophysics and lattice physics.
Text of a public lecture by the physicist Stephen Hawking, in which he discusses predicting the future, whether this is arbitrary and random, and regularities in nature. He concludes that the future of the universe is not completely determined by the laws
Article on the study of quantum physics and how it relates to human consciousness.
Article which argues that there is a flaw in the assumption that the concept of wave/particle duality is caused by a mechanism of interference which causes the patterns observed in such experiments as the Twin Slit experiment and Multi-Path interferometer
Material discussing what is wrong with fundamental physics, and challenging the currently-accepted evidence for both quantum theory and Einstein's relativity theories.
Introductory information on quantum physics, covering the nature of particles and waves and their similarities and differences in the field of modern physics.
Topics covered include the mathematics of string theory, particle experimentation, cosmology, and black holes. Also provides a timeline of mathematics and t Presents a guide to string theory, a branch of theoretical physics concerned with quantum gravity.
Review of fundamental quantum theory, covering the motivation for quantum mechanics, the Schrodinger Equation and molecular quantum mechanics.
Article considering the interpretational problems of quantum mechanics, and alternative methods of finding meaning in the results gained in quantum research.
Journal covering all aspects if modern physics, high energy, including astronomy and astrophysics, condensed matter physics, particles and fields physics and fields physics, mathematical physics, nuclear physics, plasma physics and quantum optics.
Online book, as well as answering questions about light, time , and an explanation of why physical reality behaves as it does, space, which attempts to provide a model of reality by exploring a relational matrix model of space-time and energy.
Software for producing quantum mechanics solutions to non-reactive molecular scattering problems.
Explains the phenomena of time and sound in physical terms, string density, and outlines quantum mechanics, in order to provide a basis for understanding the physics of harpsichord sound in relation to frequency and plucking ratio.
Discussion of the philosophical foundations and interpretation of quantum mechanics and the Special Theory of Relativity.
Essays on issues relating to the nature of consciousness, including neuro-physiology, quantum physics and neural networks.
Provides information on scientific activities, including publications, visits and conferences. Collaborative research group between industry and higher education, focusing on quantum physics, probability theory and dynamical systems.
Bi-monthly journal on all areas in which theoretical physics and mathematics interact with each other, such as atomic physics, quantum gravity, statistical mechanics, algebraic geometry and quantum groups. Aimed at theoretical and mathematical physicists
Article examining various interpretations of quantum theory, and discussing the philosophical foundation of quantum mechanics.
Introduction to coupled-cluster theory, including the cluster expansion, cluster operators, size-extensivity and size-consistency. Coupled-cluster theory is regarded as a reliable computational method of electronic structure theory for the prediction of m
Number of reviews is 20 - Fusion Energy and Plasma Physics