Science Academia in the United Kingdom and Science Guide
There are nine categories of question, including plants and animals, around the house, gadgets and inventions, and the physical world. An archive of over 350 questions from readers of the New Scientist magazine, with answers submitted by readers.
Scientists and engineers put their expertise at the service of the community in order to improve 'the public understanding of science'. The scientific questions listed here are featured on beer mats in various pubs throughout England and are designed to s
Gateway to information and events relating to public understanding of science and science communication. Provides searchable and browsable collection of Internet resources with descriptions, and bibliographies, a calendar of events, and email discussion f
Range of educational and reference information for anyone with an interest in science, technology, engineering or medicine. Major subject headings are archaeology and palaeontology, biology and medicine, chemistry, engineering and technology, environmenta
Society founded in 1660 as an independent academy promoting the natural and applied sciences. It provides independent, authoritative advice to the Government on science and engineering related matters, promotes science education and awareness, supports in
Magazine featuring the work of science students from UK secondary schools and colleges.
It encompass all branches of learning, aiming to represent excellence in science, arts, letters, the professions, technology, industry and commerce. Society founded by Royal Charter in 1783.
Features lists of colleges and universities currently recruiting students for science and engineering courses, a collection of articles, and a free online application service.
It pools resources, such as databases and journals, for teachers, advisers, technicians and industrialists. Group seeking to promote science at all levels of education.
Number of reviews is 9 - News in Science and Technology