Science Academia in the United States of America and Science Guide
While concerned specifically with the USA, the report also covers international trends and issues. 1998 version of a report on trends uncovered in scientific and engineering research.
Addresses the scientific content of evolutionary theory, educational resources covering the diversity of life, with discussions of science, ethics and religion, constancy and change and change, and human identity, and articles giving scientific responses to criticis
Offers details of membership, events, news, programmes and information about society's journal, Science. Society to promote public understanding of science.
Links to educational resources in general science, computers and technology, biology, chemistry and physics, and mathematics and technology, and mathematics, recommended for children of all ages.
Searchable and browsable dictionary of scientific terms relating to engineering and technology, medical, and life, physical, mathematics and computing and social sciences.
Each issue provides feature articles written by prominent scientists and engineers, reviewing important work in fields that range from molecular biology to computer engineering. Illustrated bi-monthly magazine about science and technology.
Popular science magazine which has tracked key changes in technology during the past 150 years.
Project which aims to provide teachers and students with online resources specially designed to support project-based inquiry.
Set of Web-based engineering and science experiments developed for beginning science and engineering students. The objective of the course and the virtual laboratory is to introduce students to experimentation, problem solving, data gathering, and scienti
Areas include the Science Learning Network, Storm Science etc. Museum promotes science literacy for Miami residents.
Users have access to three pavilions: Science and Industry, Collaboration, and Computation, as well as the Online Science Theatre. A virtual museum of science and industry aimed at students and others with an interest in science and computing.
Keyword searchable source of educational information comprising lessons, and benchmarks indicating what students should know by certain ages. Topics include the nature of science and mathematics, the living environment, human society, and historical persp
Series of features on popular scientific topics scheduled on the Web in conjunction with US television.
Also access to Harvard Science News, a quarterly newsletter featuring shorter updates on current scientific discoveries. Biannual journal containing articles on contemporary issues in science.
The aim of the review is to communicate, to a broad audience, the scientific and technological accomplishments of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It also aims to help readers understand them and appreciate their value to the individual citizen
Describes the rationale for, and implementation of, the expanded use of metrics in the evaluation of science and technology. Includes different types of science and technology metrics, an overview of quantitative approaches to research assessment, a descr
Set of standards intended to provide a guide for science literacy at various stages of the education process. Areas covered include science, mathematics, technology, the physical setting, the living environment, the human organism, human society, the desi
US national institute, fostering science and engineering research and education.
Topics covered include the science curriculum, teacher preparation, science education research, and implementation of science curricula. Online journal devoted to the timely sharing of science education information via the Web.
Sponsored by the NSF, NTEN allows educators to participate in the telecomputing courses via the Internet. NTEN offers graduate science and mathematics courses to teachers nationally.
Number of reviews is 20 - Science Academia in the United Kingdom