Science Resources and Science Guide
Aimed not only at scientists, but also at the wider community. It is a free, public, non-commercial service which provides information on physics events An international effort to create a unified resource for physics and closely related natural sciences.
Magazine listing online news, places, and resources in the fields of science and technology. Headings include earth sciences, computing and engineering, astronomy and astrophysics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, science and art, medicine, biology and zo
A set of links to scientific resources including journals, newsgroups, directories, dictionaries, mailing lists, publishers and news sites.
Free registration is required. An annotated collection of links to scientific and engineering resources which use, or relate to, computer programming languages including MATLAB, Scientific C/C++, Scientific Fortran, Scientific Java, and Visual Basic.
Gateway to information and events relating to public understanding of science and science communication. Provides searchable and browsable collection of Internet resources with descriptions, and bibliographies, a calendar of events, and email discussion f
Links to science journals, collections of top-rated science sites, and hands-on science centres. ScienceDaily offers news of the latest discoveries and research projects in all fields of science from across North America.
It is maintained by professional scientists whose mission is to identify and centralize access to the most valuable scientific resources online. Major subject divis A gateway to over 50,000 sites pertaining to over 120 subjects in science and engineering.
Bi-weekly report for university staff, students and librarians interested in science and engineering, highlighting relevant Internet sites.
Relevant academic departments, organisations, and publications are also listed. Set of annotated links to resources relating to the philosophy of science covering biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, social science, and technology and society.
Plug-ins are required to access much of the material. Collection of multimedia resources designed to assist the teaching of science subjects such as astronomy, anatomy, evolution, chemistry, engineering, maths, and physics.
Collection of links to Christian resources and organisations arranged by categories including Christian apologetics, scholarly biblical and theological resources, churches, and biblical creation. Also offers links to a range of secular resources relating
Viewing of citations and abstracts is freely available, but charges are made for full text articles. Searches can Resource providing access to a collection of peer reviewed journal literature in the physical sciences and other energy related disciplines.
Links to Internet resources in chemistry, engineering, computer science and physics.
Offers articles, announcements, correspondence, news items, and listings of scientific encyclopaedias and listings of scientific encyclopaedias, journals, newsletters, and online broadcast material.
Included are indexes of press releases, focal groups, sciences servers at academic institutions, an interactive catalogue and a scientific terms register. Offers a variety of free services to the scientific community.
Links to resources in mathematics and science for educators and students in secondary education.
Also includes journals and articles on laboratory safety and careers in science. Directory of biology and chemistry resources covering cell biology, genetics, microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry and organic chemistry.
Number of reviews is 17 - Science Fiction Movies and Novels