Specialized Schools of Entomology and Science Guide

Includes an online pollination handbook, a guide to Africanised Honey Bees and details of the diversity of bees in a desert environment. Extensive information about bees and beekeeping.
Some have only subscription information online, others have tables of contents, abstracts or full text. Set of links to journals relevant to entomology and plant protection.
Details of an insect survey and research programme in Papaua New Guinea, including data, images and details of taxonomic publications.
Links to orthoptera resources, people working on orthoptera, useful software and general entomology resources.
Over 30,000 specimens in entomology and botany (including algae and fungi). Hawaii State Museum of Natural and Cultural History.
It exists to increase people's awareness of the role of bees in agriculture and the natural environment. IBRA promotes the study and conservation of Founded in 1949, IBRA is a not-for-profit organisation with members in almost every country in the world.
A subject oriented resource guide for plant pathology, applied entomology and related fields.
Links to biological sciences journals, cell biology, and sites covering biotechnology, entomology, government resources in biological sciences and genetic research.
Pictures of beetles, caterpillars, mosquitoes, crickets, moths, flies, butterflies and ticks, as well as plant disease and damage.
Details of an insect collection programme and research project in Guyana, including a bibliography Entomological Literature in Guyana.
Also gives details of Beecraft, the official journal of the British Beekeepers Association. Offers news, event announcements, policy statements, lectures, and an FAQ about honeybees.
A taxonomic database of the Orthoptera of the world, Grylloidea (crickets), with full synonymic and taxonomic information for a variety of species and genera (all taxa described prior to 1997) of the Tettigonioidea (katydids and haglids)
Resources cover spider bites, the relationship between certain butterflies and ants, and garden insects found in Cape Town. Information about, and images of, many insects that are indigenous to South Africa, including beetles, the silkworm, and spiders.
Collection of links devoted to information of interest to systematists and other biologists of the organismic kind. Headings include botany, herpetology, invertebrates, entomology, ichthyology, mammalogy, mycology and microbiology, ornithology and general
Headings include biology, management and common species. Set of links to Internet resources relevant to mites.
Links to worldwide university entomology departments and agricultural institutions.
Offers several thousand links to Internet resources about insects and entomology. Headings include insect pests, common insects, aquatic insects, insect anatomy, biology, behaviour, ecology, physiology and taxonomy, as well as cultural and forensic entomo
Topics include beekeeping, bibliographies, biological control, checklists, databases, images of insects and other arthropods, insect collections, and sounds. A searchable directory of insect related resources on the Internet, arranged by category.
Number of reviews is 18 - Differential Equations in Mathematics