Studies in Cryptography and Science Guide
Journal which presents research at the interface between mathematics and theoretical computer science, with a clear mathematical profile and strictly mathematical format. Specific areas of concentration include structure of complexity classes, algebraic c
CESG is a Civil Service which aims to keep official IT and communications systems safe from compromise and is the UK technical authority for the official use of cryptography. Set of online articles on the development of non-secret encryption.
A non-profit civil liberties organisation working in the public interest to protect privacy, and access to public resources and information online, free expression
Information on Alan Turing (1912-1954), codebreaker, covering his work as a mathematician, philosopher and early computer scientist.
Resource providing a selection of answers to frequently asked questions about Web security, and sections on security protocols and standards, an overview of security activities at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and cryptography.
Numerous links to resources about the economics of the Internet, intellectual property and related issues such as security, information goods and cryptography.
Index to electronic commerce resources, security, filtering, legal cases, computer crime , intellectual property, journals, covering advertising on the World Wide Web and cryptography.
Covers its history, and documents work carried out to break its code at Bletcheley Park during World War II, much of which involved Alan Turing. The paper also includes a C program which sim Article on the German mechanical cipher machine known as Enigma.
Articles on codebreaking and making, encryption on the Web, the mechanics of the Nazi's encoder, Enigma, and the personalities and genius of the men who cracked its code. Contains activity sheets for teachers, and facilities for users to encode their own
Information about the campaign to protect and promote fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech and the right of privacy on the Internet. Offers news, resources and articles on issues such as free speech, privacy, cryptography and access to infor
Report covering issues such as authentication, privacy and cryptography on the Web, authorisation and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).
Number of reviews is 11 - Complex System Management