The Chaos Theory and Science Guide
A bi-monthly, genetic algorithms, neural networks, including chaos, cellular automata, cross-disciplinary journal focusing on the science of complex adaptive systems and evolutionary game theory.
Includes a definition of chaos, a chaordic systems properties chart, chaos FAQs, and a bibliography. Information on the study of chaos theory as applied to business management.
Collection of essays, which explore the concept of applying themes from manoeuvre conflict to business strategy. Concentrates on the writing of John R Boyd whose theory of OODA loop speed is applied to the isolation of the opposition, shaping and being su
Chapter headings include mathematical experiments, strange and complex, what is dimension and measuring chaos. An essay on chaos, fractals, and non-linear dynamics.
A refereed journal dealing with any area of complex systems research and the generation of complex behaviour from the interaction of multiple parallel processes.
Extensive index to resources concerning the nature and consequences of interactions and non-linearities in systems of many objects. It includes topics such as artificial life, cellular automata, chaos, criticality, evolutionary computation, fractals, para
A chaos database and several online papers and abstracts are available. Chaos is a multi-disciplinary science, and this is reflected in the fact that the members of the group are affiliated with diverse departments and institutions.
Article examining links between the Riemann zeta function, which is closely related with prime numbers, and chaotic quantum-mechanical systems.
Number of reviews is 8 - Visual Calculus