The Universal Law of Gravitation and Science Guide
Text of a lecture by the physicist Stephen Hawking, in which he discusses the connection between black holes and entropy, the quantitative measure of the relative disorder of a system.
Tables of contents and the full text of featured articles are freely available to all. The electronic journals offer full t Set of peer reviewed journals in the broad area of physics, with full text access available to members of subscribing institutions.
World Data Center A for Solid Earth Geophysics. Headings include ecosystems, education, environment, gravity, heatflow, hotsprings, magnetics, natural hazards and National centre supporting environmental research and offering extensive public domain data.
Covers the big bang model of the universe's origin, galaxies and clusters, relic radiation, cosmic strings, and inflation. Describes key concepts in relativity and gravitation in non-technical terms.
Series of questions and answers and the opportunity for users to pose physics-related questions such as how do geysers work, how does gravity bend visible light and what makes an aeroplane fly?
It conducts and sponsors ground-based scientific and technology studies that may lead to experiments in space. The fo NASA division responsible for planning, advocating, directing, and implementing space experiments in technology and microgravity science.
Collection of physics and astronomy resources, Newtonian Mechanics, exploring the concept of gravity using tutorials, which include Astronomy of the Earth's Motion in Space and Spacecraft.
Bi-monthly journal on all areas in which theoretical physics and mathematics interact with each other, such as atomic physics, quantum gravity, statistical mechanics, algebraic geometry and quantum groups. Aimed at theoretical and mathematical physicists
The tutorials are loosely aimed at secondary school to first year university level. A set of physics tutorials based upon a selection of topics relating to gravity, including the history of gravitational concepts, black holes and gravitational waves.
A refereed solely electronic journal offering reviews in all areas of relativity.
Number of reviews is 10 - Department of Geophysics