Weather Data and Forecasts and Science Guide
Includes a glossary of space terminology, and covers electrons, auroral acceleration and magnetic storms. Non-mathematical but detailed overview of space research on the Earth's environment in space.
Includes audio and visual RealAudio and QuickTime files. Illustrated introduction to the creation of auroras, their appearance, and location.
WMO is a specialist organisation of the United Nations, based in Geneva. It coordinates global scientific activity in areas of weather prediction, air pollution research, climate change, ozone layer depletion studies and tropical storm forecasting, to all
Index to 500 earth science journals, with topics including analytical techniques, atmospheric sciences, cartography, geophysics, mineralogy, ocean sciences, planetary sciences, and volcanology. This French mirror also includes links to other Earth Science
Information about the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission which aims to monitor and study tropical rainfall and the associated release of energy that helps to power the global atmospheric circulation, shaping both weather and climate around the globe. Inc
Guide to ozone formation and destruction and the current status of the Earth's ozone layer.
Details of research programs encompassing the Earth's atmosphere, land masses and oceans, and the interaction between the earth and the Sun
Earth Interactions exploits the capabilities of electronic communications technology to add value to the publication of research results in the interdisciplinary earth sciences. The journal publishes articles dealing with the interactions between the lith
Project is to investigate the Sun-Earth space environment. Includes information for scientists and the public about the The ISTP is a collaborative effort between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.
Defines hurricanes, explains where they develop and how they are measured, convective processes and development stages.
Links to Internet resources in atmospheric science.
A collection of web-based instructional modules that use multimedia technology and the dynamic capabilities of the Web, computer simulations, including diagrams, animations, audio and video and video, to introduce fundamental concepts in the atmospheric sciences.
Designed to assist UK atmospheric researchers to locate, access and interpret atmospheric data, the centre provides permanent archives for data sets from Natural Environment Research Council-funded projects. The searchable archive includes data from the M
GCDIS is a cooperative activity of agencies that provides global change data to scientists and researchers, policy makers, educators, industry, and the public at large. GCDIS includes multi-disciplinary data from atmospheric science, ecology, oceanography
Tutorial on the role of space science and technology in monitoring the Earth's surface and atmosphere. Aims to demonstrate the use of remote sensing instruments or sensors to 'capture' the spectral and spatial relations of objects and materials observable
Offers information on programmes, activities, data, opportunities and news. NOAA's mission is to describe and predict changes in the Earth's environment and to conserve and manage wisely the Nation's coastal and marine resources.
Number of reviews is 16 - Physics of Stellar Phenomena