Worldwide Scientific Research and Science Guide
It offers access to the tables of contents of journals published since 1997, including African Crop Science Journal and the Zimbabwe Veterinary Journal. Details and promotion of African-published journals in science, technology and medicine.
Items are reviewed by librarians or professors and the reviews feature short TOCs, a list of contributors and bibliographic information. Electronic reviews of science and technology publications covering engineering, agriculture, medicine and science.
Links to details of expeditions of scientific and exploration endeavour.
Online weekly magazine of the most important original research each week from around the world, together with news reports and analyses of general interest to the scientific community.
The material is intended to be humorous and/or educational. Includes details of the Ig Nobel prizes which are awarded to individuals whose achievement cannot or should not be AIR publishes original articles, data, effluvia and news of improbable research.
Leading international scientific publisher. Journals cover chemistry, chemical engineering, clinical medicine, computer science, earth and planetary sciences, economics, business and management sciences, engineering and technology, environmental science,
Prestigious weekly journal which aims to publish papers from any area of science with the greatest possible impact, often extending well beyond the respective discipline.
Abstracts are available for articles as well as full text. A refereed, distributed self-organizing journal on selected topics in engineering and science.
US company whose products and services are designed to meet the information needs of the scientific R&D community, government agencies, notably researchers at big institutions such as universities and professional societies.
A set of links to full text archives of freely available newsletters, magazines and journals of scholarly societies.
Lists, physiology or medicine, searchable database and reference table of all the Nobel Prizes: for physics, chemistry and peace
Australia's largest scientific research agency. Major divisions cover agribusiness, environment and natural resources, IT, manufacturing, minerals and energy. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.
Annotated listing of Nobel Prize winners, organised by prize category; physics, chemistry, literature, peace, economics, physiology and medicine. Biographical information is given about each winner, as is access to Internet based works by, and about, them
Archives are available online. Publishes articles which examine scientific progress and its effect upon the extent and rapidity of social change.
US national institute, fostering science and engineering research and education.
International organisation improving the quality and management of science and technology data.
For over 35 years ISI has been involved in building and maintaining a comprehensive multi-disciplinary bibliographic database of scholarly research information. ISI offers a table-of-contents service, customized information pr Database publishing company.
Collection of documents and links about electronic journals and scholarly electronic publishing, with emphasis on Canadian products, projects and sites.
Daily news in science and technology, with science jobs database, courses and events.
Accompanied by essays and editorials for the project. Access to over 1100 scholarly societies online browsable alphabetically, by subject and by type of institution.
Number of reviews is 20 - United Kingdom Scientific Research